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Free to play tactical online shooter

Super Monday Night Combat is a fun shooter that plays like a mix of Team Fortress and DOTA. It's a shooter with a heavy tactical element, and the five a side team games are fast and enjoyable.

A futuristic game-show, Super Monday Night Combat sees two teams of five 'Pros' backed with a production line of attack bots fighting for control of an arena. There are two main tracks between each base, lined with protective turrets. Bots will automatically stream along these, fighting any turret or enemy they encounter. The Pros have a few extra abilities, and you'll need to work together to support the bots taking down the turrets and opposing players, to eventually reach and destroy the Money Ball. This means victory, and usually takes around 20 minutes.

There are five classes of player, and each team can only have one of each. This means you'll have to get used to playing with each class, and they all require different tactics. Premium features in the game let you buy Credit Boosts, Pros, Taunts, Uniforms, and Weapon skins.

If you go into Super Monday Night Combat playing like a traditional shooter, you will lose very quickly! While sharp shooting and reflexes are important, using bots and playing tactically is the route to success. One problem with Super Monday Night Combat currently is the matchmaking seems a little off. We found too often games would include a couple of players who seemed way out of our league, which spoils the fun.

In the free to play arena, Super Monday Night Combat is an excellent competitor. Mixing gameplay styles makes it a pretty unique proposal, and with a few minor improvements it could be a truly great multiplayer game.


  • Easy to get into
  • Really fun gameplay
  • Free to play works really well


  • Some bad matchmaking


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Super Monday Night Combat


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